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MP Helis

MP Helis what can I say we saw a need and are trying to fill it. We found it a shame to let the award winning GMP Helicopters to rest without giving it a try to revive them.

So we started on our quest. First of all we needed original parts to duplicate so to Ebay we went . We have succesfully aquired almost all of the models GMP ever produced. In all we have over 10 helis, 9 of which are GMPs. We are still looking for a complete Legend and Cricket but we have found some scattered parts for them.Any help here is always appreciated. We won't sell the parts until we can readily reproduce them.

Next came the problem of reproducing them. After all most people don't just have a manufacturing plant in their garage . To reproduce the parts many thing must fall into place. Finding suppliers ,figuring out composition of parts, several thousands of dollars in software and equipment and supplies. A whole hell of a lot of wasted materials trying to get it right . Too make things worse most of this equipment you can't just buy unless you have a slew of excess cash which we don't. Not to mention learning all these new pieces of software and developing a website neither of which we knew how to do. Then there is the learning of the the production techniques. That in itself has been very costly since there is little information avaliable to the average Joe.

So we have either made or bought everthing we needed for a fully functional miniture production line. We have 38" x 38"x11" router table, a 12" x 6"x 8"mill, a 12"x4" lathe ,a 27"x18" thermoformer. We use a plethera of different software solutions and as much free source code we can find.

But we are not done yet. We are currently working on our carbon fiber and fiberglass equipment (very close to done), an injection molder, and a complete foundary setup. Still working on the web site trying to make the web site an easy to use effective interface. Any constructive comments welcome. Anyway hope we can rekindle Americas love for the GMP Helis.


MP Helis



I was an aircraft mechanic for Pan American Airways (line Crew JFK) until they went belly up. I have had a Shorty Forty Competitor since 1984. It was my first R/C Heli and I loved it but it was a little to hard for me to learn on so I bought a Hirobo Shuttle as a trainer. Unfortunatly the local hobby shop closed down and I just lost interest since even getting fuel required a long cross town drive.

Every few years a hobby shop would open up I would get some fuel and whatever parts I could find and mess around with the helis. It got harder and harder to find parts until evenutally I couldn't find them anymore. So I just put the helis in storage.

Which brings us to today. I met Kyle and he saw the helis and wanted to know why I didn't fly them. I showed him the hanger rash and the hard landing damage and explained to him the problem finding parts. He pointed out that with the right tools and my experience as an aircraft mechanic I should be able to reproduce them. So here we are.


Kyle(Squirrel) is a life long tinkerer. He worked in the automotive industry for several years selling parts for Checker Auto and worked for Sears Automotive as a repair tech. He is an avid Ebay fiend and has a knack for finding almost anything on Ebay. He brings to the table a strong desire to figure things out. With his mechanical skills he makes an excellent fabricater.

When he saw the helis just sittng on the self collecting dust it bugged him. He really wanted to see them work again and was willing to work hard to get it done.

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